Responding her creative call and the urge to share her love with organizing things, Mia Widiasari or known also as Kecilmamil started her Islamic Planner Series endeavor in 2013.

Her initial work was the creation of the monumental “The Ultimate Muslima Planner 2014”, dedicated solely to accommodate the Muslimas to organize not just their daily plans but also their religious affairs.

The year 2015 saw the immense growth of Kecilmamil’s venture in organizer business as her signature product – “The Ultimate Muslima Planner 2015” was successfully introduced not to Indonesian market only but also to the world; starting from the UK, United States, Canada, Norway, UAE, South Africa, India, Australia, and other countries as well. The planner continues annually with the latest release for 2020, which will be released as digital version only.

With her ultimate mission to encourage people to be more focused in their religious affairs, Kecilmamil’s design is emphasized with the creation of detailed day-to-day ibadaah as well as introducing again the values of Sunnah within the content of the planners. With this, she has also produced another lineup in the series such as “The Academic Planner” for Muslim students since 2014 and “The Ramadan Planner 2015” in digital version for the first time through Etsy.

Kecilmamil’s work in the future will continue to focus on catering the demands for Muslim families around the world and becoming better every day. Her arty and contemporary style will continue to color the designs of her planners. Last but not least, the lineup will continue to grow creatively and excitingly for everyone.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Tedja Mukti Nugraha

    Assalamualaikum WR.WB. Hello my name is Tedja and i would like to give you
    a comment that may able to make you consider about it.
    The simple thing is that we need more information about the implementation of the daily life that have been wrote on this book.Such as: Du’a 101(Dua in the state of wudhu) we need to know exactly what is the dua.I think that kind of thing can make a lot easier. And for others, i think you already make it completely detail. You’ve done a great job kecilmamil😁


    • Rian Farisa

      Ma shaa Allah, syukron jazakallahu khayr for the advice. Every year we are trying to make the planner better than before and your idea is certainly worth the consideration. We pray that the planner is useful for your dunya and akhir in shaa Allah. 🙂


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